Cryptocurrency and NFT tokens are becoming an increasingly popular way to transact and invest

As a result the values of some cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other alternative cryptocurencies (atcoins), have risen significantly over the last five years.

However, not many experts understand these currencies and even fewer understand the tax implications. For instance, which profits and gains are taxable? Does it matter that I am mining? What happens if the blockchain forks? Can I roll my gain from one cryptocurrency into another?

If you’re a cryptocurrency user who has made large gains, you may decide to transfer the monies back into a ‘fiat currency’ at some time. At that point they will become visible to financial authority.

With so much misinformation about the taxability of virtual currencies online, it is highly risky to believe only information that you read on the internet,. I tis thereofer safer for your tax position to seek a specialist tax guidance.

Cryptocurrency tax advisory and consulting

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the tax implications of your cryptocurrency activities. Thanks to several years of experience, we can provide comprehensive advice to professional investors with a large volume of transactions as well as to ordinary natural or legal entities in the following areas:


  • Sale / purchase of standart cryptocurrencies and alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins)
  • Advisory on currencies acquired through ICO (initial coin offering)
  • Questions relating to the taxation of currencies acquired via hard-fork on different blockchains
  • Mining of cryptocurrency
  • Tokenization of commodities and services
  • Advice on implementation of the cointracking tools to track the client's tax position
  • Tax implication of purchase and sale of NFT tokens

Cryptocurrency tax accounting and complaince

We help our clients resolve issues related to their tax position, in particular through the year-on-year monitored tax base by using effective international cointracking platforms to handle a large number of cryptographic transactions. We provide one-stop shop for all your tax questions and needs.


Representing clients in tax audits related to cross-currency transactions

If an tax audit related to cryptocurrency transactions is opened, we can provide you with full assistance on all tax audit steps through representation in front of the tax authorities.

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